Tottenham 1-3 Brentford: player ratings to the theme of cover songs better than the original

The mood is bleak and the vibes are non-existent at Tottenham Hotspur after a dour 3-1 loss that saw Spurs give up a 1-0 halftime lead in their final home match of the season. The end of this campaign can’t come soon enough. Harry Kane had a glorious “free kick” goal and Tottenham played champagne football in the opening 45. But if the first half was champagne, was the second half was a half-empty can of flat La Croix.

Everyone loves a good cover song. They’re the backbone of the music industry — find a track you love by another artist and give it your own spin. Covers can sometimes backfire, but every so often you end up with a masterpiece: an artist who has taken what has come before and made it even better than the original. That’s what we’re discussing here today.

The songs on this list are NOT rated in the traditional with some good and some poor — all of them are good (though I put the best of the best at the top). So when you see a good cover at the one-star rating, it’s not because it’s bad. This is just a celebration of excellent cover songs, and it’s intended to give us something to talk about besides that crappy second half vs. Brentford. And of course this is a HUGE category so I hope it sparks discussion of other cover songs that you think should be included.

Here are your player ratings to the theme of cover songs that are better than the originals. Put your favorite cover in the comments, and tell me why it should be on this list.

5 stars: Jeff Buckley, “Hallelujah” [Leonard Cohen]
I’m a huge fan of Leonard Cohen and it’s not often that another artist is able to do a Cohen song better than him. Jeff Buckley did it. It may be one of the more overused songs especially as part of a soundtrack, but that’s just because it’s so damn good. The key is the sparseness — the simple electric guitar, and Buckley’s haunting vocals.

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