Manchester City may have been the ones to lift the Premier League title, but there was a touch of Arsenal present at the celebrations.

Pep Guardiola’s side batted off the Gunners with ease in the the end, with Mikel Arteta’s side’s loss at Nottingham Forest on Saturday handing Man City their third titMan City then celebrated their title win the following day, beating Chelsea 1-0 to add to the party atmosphere at the Etihad Stadium.

But eagle-eyed fans watching the TV coverage have spotted one ex-Gunner, who was there to lift the trophy and don a Man City ‘Champions 23’ shirt.

That former Arsenal star is ex-goalkeeper Richard Wright.

Playing mostly as David Seaman’s second in command at Highbury, Wright, now 45 years old, was spotted standing with Pep Guardiola after the game.

But those watching hardly recognised the ex-Gunner – which is unsurprising given he played for Arsenal over 20 years ago – with Wright now sporting more silver hair.

Guardiola was seen putting his hand on Wright’s shoulder, as the two prepared to celebrate another piece of silverware.le in a row and their fifth in just six years.Since retiring at Man City in 2016, Wright has been part of Guardiola’s coaching staff, working as a goalkeeping coach.

The Ipswich-born ex-pro signed from the Tractor Boys for Arsenal in 2001 for £2million, with Arsene Wenger seeing him as a long-term successor for David Seaman .

But in his first season he made just ten league appearances, just qualifying for a Premier League winners medal.After making 12 further appearances the following season, Wright went on to play for Everton, West Ham, Ipswich and Sheffield United, before spending four years at Man City without playing any games.

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